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[스크랩] Top 8 Korean Cosmetic Brands Captivated Thailand with Outstanding Skincare Products (2016.1..
Date : 2016-11-29
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Functional Couple Cosmetic Product, Cheong Chuun Yeee Chan

Cheong Chuun Yeee Chan of Kime cosmetics is a functional cosmetic product that had been
launched as a for men and for women set cosmetic.  It is a multi product that combines freshness of
the skin lotion and the nutrient supplementary function of an essence which makes the skin brighter
nd cleaner and prevents the skin from having wrinkles. It is a big feature that it is a product that
men and women can both use it a single product and it has a pheromonal scent that appeals to
women and men.

The Cheong Chuun Yeee Chan cosmetic product is composed of the Cheong Chuun Yeee Chan
'Skence' and 'Clotion'. The Cheong Chuun Yeee Chan 'Skence' is a product designed for men so it
is convenient to use, It has sebum control, trouble prevention and nutrient supplementation effect.
The Cheong Chuun Yeee Chan 'Clotion' has whitening effects and is a functional cosmetic product
that has wrinkle prevention and moisture supplementation care.

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